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Entrepreneurship is a journey against all odds and learning in a continuous pace. It a process of evaluating the ideas and creation of new ones. An entrepreneur always gives value to his pragmatic ideas and has long-term goals. The market keeps on changing and an entrepreneur posses the excel to fill the vacuum. Every individuals wants to boss of their own, but very few posses the qualities of entrepreneurship. It’s a process of learning, evaluating and a increasingly package of surprises and setbacks. It’s not about running a organization, but continuing valuable relationship with its old-customers, employees and investors.

The major drawbacks of entrepreneurship is the financial security. A good accounting and tabulating team should be there to scale up the financial section. It’s completely depends on the person how’s he runs the business. His decision can lead him to success or to the failure. Some entrepreneurs believe that their only way to success is to pursue some short cuts, and the consequences led them to the debacle of their business. Some entrepreneurs have lesser competitiveness and flexible objectives; filling with incompetent employees diminishes the work culture and the stimulus of the organization.

The constant challenges and setbacks redefine the journey of an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur, a person can enjoy immense benefits.

  1. He is the boss of his own organization.
  2. He can hire other people, or work with other partners, depends on his choice.
  3. In normal job, a person needs to meet targets for incentives and bonuses, but in entrepreneurship he sets his own targets and limits.
  4. He uses his pragmatic ideas without anyone’s permission to scale up the business, increase the turn over and adding new dimensions to his business.
  5. He doesn’t have to work on schedule and time flexibility is always there.
  6. An entrepreneur can change his objectivity according to the market scenario.
  7. An entrepreneur is brand ambassador of his company and has huge responsibility on his shoulder.

In the nascent stage, the entrepreneur needs to be very focused with the objectives as he is the new player in the market. The struggle in the initial stage sets the tone for the character and behavior of entrepreneurs through the life-cycle of their business. Many big MNC tends to ignore the small entrepreneur and that the advantages for the new ones. Once the entrepreneur achieve the credibility from the people, his business becomes much easier. Employees and partners seek to do business with such an entrepreneur who they trust and earn well in a comfortable zone. The entrepreneur should not go off track otherwise it often bring him to collapse drastically. Suffice to say, entrepreneurship is a yardstick to success.

This article was submitted by Moumita Pramanik

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